Pete Burns now looks like a dead Cher. His-her mission is complete.

Pete Burns Cher

Pete ‘Don’t look at me!’ Burns was spotted hovering around the Celebrity Big Brother studios (that’s showbiz talk for studios) over the weekend, and the Metropolitan Police were forced to evacuate a three mile radius just as a precaution. Starting with the top and ending with the hooves, the mister-sister looks a fucking mess. Even his-her hair looks embarrassed.

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Pete Burns now looks like a dead Cher. His-her mission is complete. , 4.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings


  1. Pete Burns says:


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  2. Mike Metal says:

    Such a shame that there are people out there so dumb they can’t understand what Pete is all about. His unique end of storry!!! HIS NOT CHER!!! and if we didn’t have people like him around the world would be a farr farr farr duller and uglier place!!!

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  3. Madame Melinda says:

    What kind of wankery is this lol ? sir/m’am, u need a new pair of glasses,TEST your eyes WELL! give me 10 reasons that he looks like Cher.

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  4. Edenrebel says:

    Sure, he resembles Cher “a bit” but a dead one?? Hardly.

    Anyway, HE looks outstanding (never mind he’s in his 50s).

    Cher’s kinda hot too (at a hundred and fifty).

    What do YOU like like, ASSHOLE?

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  5. Edenrebel says:

    LOOK like!


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  6. Edenrebel says:
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  7. He looks a mess.

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  8. He had it all- looks ,voice , talent and special about him,
    both innocent and naughty .It seems he is over-indulged with everything now and with himself. It seems like woman who has been everywhere. Of course I am his fan, he gave us a dream ,and the artist is artist because he is true to himself and that’s make him unique.But I wonder is it all about sex and image? Where is Linnet and where are the other boys from the band?

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  9. Bernice Hollingsworth says:

    Pete you are still good looking as of today.You still are the same person on the inside.It does not count what a person looks like on the outside.IYou are 5 years younger then me.You are a great singer and a great prefomer.I love your music videos on youtube.Your songs are good memories for me.I love you Pete.I went onto youtube and bought me music cd.Dont change fro anyone take care =)

    beeehappy59 =)

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  10. Pete burns can do whatever he/she wants Pete is fucking awesome

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