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Jude Law is an otter.

Jude Law bald

This is Jude Law, with less hair than he had before. We’re currently entertaining the Sky installer man – who is a man who installs – so we’re a little distracted. We opened the door and there he was, all Triga in his low-slung trackies and same-sex oriented swagger, chewing on three-day-old gum and proffering racist-lite commentary on the street scape outside. He had us at, ‘Alright?’ According to our notes, we get bummed in approximately seven minutes.

Back to Jude law, who’s rocking the homosexual sub-set look. He’s morphed, rather nicely, into an otter. (They’re the less heavy-set ones, right?) He’s turning us on right now like a bugger, which isn’t hard since we came off those funny pills and, after all, you know what they say about balding men… so much less conditioner. And big balls.

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