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It’s like that Melancholia…

Trafalgar Square Sunrise

This is London’s glittering London’s Trafalgar Square this morning at 6.21am, where the sun decided to make a cameo under Nelson’s very own back bottom. In scenes reminiscent of Lars Von Trier’s utterly dreary Melancholia the sun was, like, this far away.

It is also art.

It was all in aid of Tropicana, who are flogging a new drink called Brighter Morning. We’ll be the judge of that.

Andrew Shoben, whose company Greyworld designed the big bulb, said, ‘There are very few moments more spectacular and uplifting than watching an early morning sunrise.’

We’ll be the judge of that.

‘We have tried to capture the evocative nature of this natural phenomenon with the Tropicana Sun,’ Andrew continued to read from the press release.

Who will buy this wonderful morning? Tropicana.

ps. You could fry an egg on that thing. Two.

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