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Our Google ad profile looks something like this…

Michael Fassbender

That thing that Google is planning on doing. Using personal information to sell us things. Not only is it darn wily, we think it could be the future. Search for ‘diaphanous blousons under £60’ and you get an ad for diaphanous blousons under £60. We’re that impressed we don’t know where to look.

Our ads will be mostly for gay porn with a working class lilt, furniture with clean lines in lighter shades, scented candles, records by vocally competent female singers who like a bit of chat, crinoline, hats gloves and shoes, Michael Fassbender’s cock, and how to drop a dress size in two days while continuing to drink vodka at Binge Britain levels.


NB. That picture is part of the ‘Michael Fassbender’s cock’ yield. Presumably because he’s holding a large helmet.

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Our Google ad profile looks something like this..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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