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And today’s hatred is brought to you by The Core Issues Trust.

Six pack


There’s a bunch of religious cunts in London today, trying to ‘cure’ gays. They are called The Core Issues Trust – all of them! – and they are holding a conference they are calling ‘The Lepers Among Us’. We’re the lepers. Well ain’t that the berries!

It is being held at Emmanuel Hall, in London’s glitteringly glittery Westminster, a place that apparently really will take anybody’s money. It started at 10am, goes on until 8pm, there will be a break for cupcakes and bumming at around 3, and the hope is that people leave the workshop even more fucked than they were before.

‘Ere, listen to their mission statement:

‘There is a growing body of research evidence indicating that sexual preference is neither immutable, innate nor chosen. As a consequence of our basic sinfulness we all have desires that we do not choose to have but we do have choices with respect to what we do about them.’


We’re going for a falafel now. We’ll almost certainly add houmous.

ps. We chose to illustrate this story of giving with a picture of a man’s stomach. Because it is the closest we could find to a stomach that resembles our very own whilst being bummed. The Core Issues Trust are so turned on right now they’ve slipped off their off-white patio chairs that give a little when you sit on them.

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And today's hatred is brought to you by The Core Issues Trust. , 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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