Madonna looks lovely. And we’re not even going to add ‘for her age’.

Madonna MDNA

Don’t you just hate those promo mugs? They’re never as sturdy as television budgets might suggest, and bearing in mind who Jay Leno’s had on that designer imposter suede-ette armchair we personally would’ve insisted on a plastic cover, but that’s just how Madonna rolls.

And baring in mind we’ve just received our 2010/11 tax bill we’re amazed we can see the woods through the tears through the panic through the screen through the sweat through the begging phone calls to the Inland Revenue via Madonna’s patent Louboutins all the way up to her hair. Hair like that just happens when you have money.

In conclusion, the cover for Madonna’s new album, MDNA, is over the jump. Now that’s what we call full-circle.
Madonna MDNA




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Madonna looks lovely. And we're not even going to add 'for her age'. , 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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