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Ann Widdicombe: she will not let the gay thing lie. The woman’s obsessed!

Ann Widdecombe, the right-wing pundit who inspires respect everywhere she goes – sorry, did we say respect? We meant revulsion, vomiting and the deep-down creeps – cannot leave the subject of homosexuality alone.

Like most Christians (she’s a Catholic because she disagreed with the ordination of women priests in the Church of England, in case you were wondering, so a friend to the womens as well as the gays…) she has picked up on a solitary sentence in the Bible, a solitary sentence in the middle of some completely mad ravings, even by Biblical standards, and has run with it.

We barely hear her call for the stoning of adulterers anymore. She’ll let menstruating women near churches without calling for them to be beaten. And she’ll even allow women who have had sex before marriage to go about their merry business without being taken to their father’s door to be bludgeoned to death, which is clearly recommended in that favourite bed-time read of hers. But the gays? She will not let them be.

Just a few days after her defending of a psycho (therapist or chiatrist or leave it simple like it is) for trying to use therapy to convert a gay man to the ways of the Lord (ie heterosexuality), she now uses her column to call for a referendum on gays. Should they be allowed? To marry, that is?

Because we have money to burn in the UK and the subject of whether two people in love should be allowed human rights is apparently the key talking point everywhere you go. No one can rest easy in their beds until it’s all been decided, apparently.

Ann, honestly, love. Get a hobby. Take up sex or something. Or knitting. Or flicking through Woman’s Realm commenting on Bodymuffs. Or jigsaws. Or – we know! – helping other people and showing love, like the Lord Jesus Christ recommends (just as he recommends not judging other people). Anything. Just stop going on about the gays all the time.

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And in today’s breaking underwear news…

Well Hung underwear

Well Hung underwear.

That’s just asking for trouble.

And there ends today’s breaking underwear news.

*types very fast*

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Oi, James Franco, you’ll have your eye out with that!

James Franco GQ Style

*something about a penis*

This is James Franco on the cover of German GQ Style.

*something about a penis*

We warrant, if he tried to get on an EasyJet with that knife, they might not let him.

According to the cover lines on German GQ Style, it’s all about colour blocking (note the u, ladies), oversize (we’ll be the judge of that) and sneakers. And going off James Franco’s hair, hair.

We like James Franco. Kind to trees.


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And in today’s breaking David Gandy news…

David Gandy L'Officiel Hommes Korea

David Gandy. Hooray!

Check out David Gandy over the jump. Putting on a bonnet in the dolliest way you ever did see.


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We hope they’re not asking or telling…

Oh, look! Gays in the American military kissing each other as they are reunited after a tour of service. *Looks up. Sky ISN’T falling in*

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Are you gay? Are you professional? Do you enjoy nice things?

You may have heard of Jake. Jake is London’s/the UK’s/the WORLD’S oldest network for gay professionals. As against professional gays. They are lawyers, media types, businessmen, publishers, editors, journalists. They may even be butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. But really professional ones.

Every month – sometimes twice a month – they have events. They usually start at 6.30pm and go on for two maybe three hours (and then sometimes on somewhere else). You pay £10 at the door, get a free drink and then mix and mingle and use the bar as you would a bar. You get to meet nice new gay professionals and the people who run the place look after you, making sure no one is standing around with no one to talk to.

The next event is this Thursday, 1st March. And it’s at the most gorgeous hotel in all of London, The Corinthia. At 6.30. Fancy it? Click here to find out more and RSVP.

As you were.

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‘Gay cure’ therapy is OK says this hatchet-faced, God-bothering nut-job. Yes, of course it’s Ann Widdecombe

Oh, what a lovely face to wake up to!

This, gentle readers, is Ann Widdecombe. Ann Widdecombe was once a right-wing MP who advocated the persecution of gays at every turn. She has never been a big lover of the gays, has Ann. She’s a big lover of Jesus. The feeling, unfortunately, is not mutual. As that face is testimony.

Anyways and hoos, a gay journalist posing as an unhappy gay, went to a psychotherapist called Lesley Pilkington for ‘conversion therapy’ in order to stop being a dirty gay. Lesley Pilkington is not only a psychotherapist, she is also a Christian. Which seems like a contradiction in terms but, hey, it happens.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists says of ‘conversion therapy’: ‘There is no sound scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish.’ For this reason, its members are banned from trying it.

But that was never likely to stand in the way of an upstanding, Pope-licking Catholic like Pilkington. Oh, no. Which is why she is now facing a ban. You break the rules, you face the consequences. We thought religiouses and right-wingers were hip to that sort of thing.

Not Ms. Widdecombe. ‘Let us be clear about this,’ said Widdecombe, using the phrase that all Tories are contractually obliged to use at the beginning of every sentence. ‘Ms Pilkington did not approach him: he approached her and because she thought he really wanted help and tried to give it she now faces being barred from practising.

‘The real effect, as Mr Strudwick presumably wants, is to deter anybody from helping any homosexuals who would prefer to marry and father or bear children.’

Word up, missus: all gays can marry and can father children. It’s called ‘being male’. Gay men are, largely, male. They can do those things.

‘He would rather they suffered because he is arrogant enough to believe that everybody should be happy with what makes him happy,’ she continued.

We refer Ms. Widdecombe to the Royal College of Psychiatrists and what they had to say on the matter: ‘It doesn’t bloody work and is harmful.’ But, as we all know, there’s no talking to Christians.

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The Daily Cunt’s only ever reaction to a hot photoshoot of someone recently out of a relationship: ‘You gave THIS up?’

Yes, Katy Perry has nice tits. But, Daily Cunt – and it’s a big ‘word up!’ on this one – there is more to a relationship than a pair of nice tits. Ask almost anyone.

We have met Katy Perry. Spent time in its company. And we found that nice tits was just about all there was going on. Nasty skin, bad attitude, an inability to maintain eye contact and unbearably pleased with herself.

So, yes, DC. Sometimes nice tits is not enough. Hard to believe but true. Unless they are boys’ tits, of course.

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