Come sniff our melons!

Liquid Plumr man

Don’t be silly, we don’t have melons! We have mepenises.

So, right, like, the bloke who’ll be getting his snout right up and into our fruit is, well, he’s a man. He has a name, and he’s in an advert for *checks notes* Liquid-Plumr Double Impact. Try saying that when you’ve got a mouthful of mepenises.

And by the look of ‘im, we’d say he’s an aggressive top. You would be, wouldn’t you?

Now for melon boy in moving pictures. We like the woman in it. Not like that, we’re homos!

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3 comments to “Come sniff our melons!”

  1. Mmmm, dee-ricious.

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  2. Triga goes to California…

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  3. Triga goes to California? Triga goes to the supermarket, more like…

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