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Zac Efron’s armpit. So there you go.

Zac Efron on a bed

This is Zac Efron, off the telly, getting another bloody tattoo. It’s his third bloody tattoo, after getting his first bloody tattoo and then his second pissing tattoo. What the fuck’s with everyone getting sodding tattoos? We thought about getting a tattoo, even a buggery bollocky tattoo, but then thought no, silly. We don’t have anything against tattoos, we even have friends with tattoos. We know! We just save our doodling for our slick Muji pads, our showing off for Facebook, and our bumming for the mens.

Tufty pits, non?

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Zac Efron's armpit. So there you go., 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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2 comments to “Zac Efron’s armpit. So there you go.”

  1. Two words: Ellen underwear

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  2. I’m just wondering who that is in the background with his dick in a box of Whole Grain Crunch…

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