‘Gay cure’ therapy is OK says this hatchet-faced, God-bothering nut-job. Yes, of course it’s Ann Widdecombe

Oh, what a lovely face to wake up to!

This, gentle readers, is Ann Widdecombe. Ann Widdecombe was once a right-wing MP who advocated the persecution of gays at every turn. She has never been a big lover of the gays, has Ann. She’s a big lover of Jesus. The feeling, unfortunately, is not mutual. As that face is testimony.

Anyways and hoos, a gay journalist posing as an unhappy gay, went to a psychotherapist called Lesley Pilkington for ‘conversion therapy’ in order to stop being a dirty gay. Lesley Pilkington is not only a psychotherapist, she is also a Christian. Which seems like a contradiction in terms but, hey, it happens.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists says of ‘conversion therapy’: ‘There is no sound scientific evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish.’ For this reason, its members are banned from trying it.

But that was never likely to stand in the way of an upstanding, Pope-licking Catholic like Pilkington. Oh, no. Which is why she is now facing a ban. You break the rules, you face the consequences. We thought religiouses and right-wingers were hip to that sort of thing.

Not Ms. Widdecombe. ‘Let us be clear about this,’ said Widdecombe, using the phrase that all Tories are contractually obliged to use at the beginning of every sentence. ‘Ms Pilkington did not approach him: he approached her and because she thought he really wanted help and tried to give it she now faces being barred from practising.

‘The real effect, as Mr Strudwick presumably wants, is to deter anybody from helping any homosexuals who would prefer to marry and father or bear children.’

Word up, missus: all gays can marry and can father children. It’s called ‘being male’. Gay men are, largely, male. They can do those things.

‘He would rather they suffered because he is arrogant enough to believe that everybody should be happy with what makes him happy,’ she continued.

We refer Ms. Widdecombe to the Royal College of Psychiatrists and what they had to say on the matter: ‘It doesn’t bloody work and is harmful.’ But, as we all know, there’s no talking to Christians.

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'Gay cure' therapy is OK says this hatchet-faced, God-bothering nut-job. Yes, of course it's Ann Widdecombe, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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3 comments to “‘Gay cure’ therapy is OK says this hatchet-faced, God-bothering nut-job. Yes, of course it’s Ann Widdecombe”

  1. I know that Ann Widdecombe is a Roman Catholic, but are you sure that Lesley Pilkington is? From the radio interviews that she has given, she sounds to me more like a right-wing, fundamentalist, born again, spirit-filled, bibliolatrous evangelical.

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  2. … Or Roman Catholic as we call them

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  3. No, they’re not the same thing, but on this issue extremes tend to meet.

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