Ann Widdicombe: she will not let the gay thing lie. The woman’s obsessed!

Ann Widdecombe, the right-wing pundit who inspires respect everywhere she goes – sorry, did we say respect? We meant revulsion, vomiting and the deep-down creeps – cannot leave the subject of homosexuality alone.

Like most Christians (she’s a Catholic because she disagreed with the ordination of women priests in the Church of England, in case you were wondering, so a friend to the womens as well as the gays…) she has picked up on a solitary sentence in the Bible, a solitary sentence in the middle of some completely mad ravings, even by Biblical standards, and has run with it.

We barely hear her call for the stoning of adulterers anymore. She’ll let menstruating women near churches without calling for them to be beaten. And she’ll even allow women who have had sex before marriage to go about their merry business without being taken to their father’s door to be bludgeoned to death, which is clearly recommended in that favourite bed-time read of hers. But the gays? She will not let them be.

Just a few days after her defending of a psycho (therapist or chiatrist or leave it simple like it is) for trying to use therapy to convert a gay man to the ways of the Lord (ie heterosexuality), she now uses her column to call for a referendum on gays. Should they be allowed? To marry, that is?

Because we have money to burn in the UK and the subject of whether two people in love should be allowed human rights is apparently the key talking point everywhere you go. No one can rest easy in their beds until it’s all been decided, apparently.

Ann, honestly, love. Get a hobby. Take up sex or something. Or knitting. Or flicking through Woman’s Realm commenting on Bodymuffs. Or jigsaws. Or – we know! – helping other people and showing love, like the Lord Jesus Christ recommends (just as he recommends not judging other people). Anything. Just stop going on about the gays all the time.

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Ann Widdicombe: she will not let the gay thing lie. The woman's obsessed!, 8.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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