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Portly has-been Morrissey, still desperate to appear controversial shock.

That tired old lump of a singer Morrissey has been at it again. In a bout of shameless people-pleasing, Morrissey got his band to wear ‘We hate William and Kate’ t-shirts at a concert (he still does concerts, apparently. Some people even turn up!) in, wait for it, Argentina. Slam dunk!

And they are very easy to hate, aren’t they, William and Kate, a young couple that spend most of their time working for charity. Vile people. They give you the deep-down creeps just to look at them.

The closeted gay singer (not quite so bold on that front then, sir?) then apologised to the Argentine nation on behalf of the British people for the ‘Malvinas’, or ‘Falklands’ as the people who actually live there prefer, which he told the audience of nearly fourteen people and some livestock, belonged to Argentina. Not quite up on his colonial history, this one.

With intellectual heavyweights like this one and Sean Penn on their side, there will be tangos in the streets of Stanley by, ooh, quite soon. Just wait till Katy Perry comes out on their side, that’s what we say.

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Portly has-been Morrissey, still desperate to appear controversial shock., 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. He always was and always will be a twat!

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  2. He’s such a bore. And such a gay.

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