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$3,000 Tom Ford sunglasses, anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Tom Ford $3000 sunglasses

We would buy a pair of these – two, even – but the last time we had a very expensive pair of sunglasses, a fookin’ monkey lept onto our jeep as we were swishing through the South African… what are we calling this, jungle? You know, where the fookin’ monkeys live… and snatched them from our face. Fookin’ monkeys.

These Tom Ford sunglasses, which will in fact set you back $2,950 a pop – a poppety pop! – contain gold-plated metal and water buffalo horn. Like that ever worked as a threat.


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$3,000 Tom Ford sunglasses, anyone? Anyone? Anyone?, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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3 comments to “$3,000 Tom Ford sunglasses, anyone? Anyone? Anyone?”

  1. Is it 1955 ? Is it ? I said is it 1955 ? Is it ? Is it 1955 ?
    Not very ‘fashion forward’ are they Thomas.
    Is my point.

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  2. For $3000, I could buy one of every pair available at Firmoo.com … yeah, that’s free advertising for them but seriously!

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  3. Aren’t sunglasses supposed to come with dark lenses? You know, to protect your eyes from that there sun.

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