And in today’s sports news…

Some bloke with his top off (wouldn’t you have your top off if you had a body like that? We wouldn’t OWN a top if we had a body like that!) plays rugby – is it? – in a park.

And that concludes today’s sports news…

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And in today's sports news..., 9.2 out of 10 based on 17 ratings

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One comment to “And in today’s sports news…”

  1. Great pic!
    Just a quick pair of thoughts:
    1)Don’t you just love how this pic demonstrates what twenty some odd years of growing will turn a baby into such a hunky bloke
    2) what sort of a drunken mother would leave her babe to get trampled by such comely hunks. Bet you she’s off in the woods conceiving another brat!

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