Do people at magazines still get paid for this kind of shit?

Imagine you work at a really credible magazine. Rolling Stone, say. And Rolling Stone, though numbers are no doubt down, still have money to do big-scale shoots with, say, the cast of “hit TV show” Game of Thrones.

After about 12 people have spent days getting the shots and maybe even a journalist has been along to wait until the manicurist has finished to grab ten minutes interview time, imagine those shots and the piece come into the office. There they get laid out, passed round 37 people in the office who make sure that any bit of personality that the journalist might have tried to sneak into that piece – a joke, maybe; a turn of phrase – is removed and then it all gets sent to you, whose job is to put the title on.

‘Game of Thrones,’ you think. Hmmm. Maybe you tap a pencil against your lower lip. ‘Game of Thrones… I know! “Let the Games Begin” Well, it has the word “Games” in it. OK, it’s not “Game” but it’s near enough.’ And then you go back to other pressing headline work: ‘Life’s a beach!’ for a swimwear shoot, ‘Mum’s the word!’ for a piece on mothers. And for this you get paid.

And they say that magazine circulations are falling because of the internet…

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