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*slips off designer-imposter school bench*

Collin O'Neal


So, right, see this guy? Bum him to within an inch of his male pattern baldness, right? Well, he used to be a porn star. A gay porn star at that. Now he’s a teacher. Bum him to within an inch of his HB pencil, right?

Oh but there’s a twist in our tale. Shawn Loftis – that’s his name, don’t bum it out – who used to go by the name of Collin O’Neal when he bummed for a living, got sacked from being a teacher at Nautilus Middle School in Miami Beach because his bosses found out about his gay porn past. Or GPP.

That’s not nice, is it?

Or, as Shawn put it, ‘Porn is not moral turpitude.’

Turpitude? Give that man a job!

Anyway, stuff happened *skips the boring bit* and the people who thought he was turpitudinous – or just turpid if you’re short on time – have now said he is indeed fit to be a teacher. And so say all of us, te-dum-de-dum.

Now everyone Google ‘Collin O’Neal’. Two l’s.


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