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Oh, look, it’s our handiwork all over London buses again…

More than our abusive comments about Kylie, more than our persistent asking of celebrities questions about their pudenda, more even than the Topman skinny chinos that make our arses look good enough to eat, the thing we are most proud of is our Some People Are Gay. Get Over It! campaign. Blinding!

Originally for schools, it has now gone global to such an extent that not only have the likes of Katy Perry, Sir Ian McKellen and Dannii Minogue sported the T-shirt, but someone on Twitter recently posted ‘Some People Are Gay. Don’t Get Over It. Burn Their Houses Down’.

We take it as a compliment but it’s surely a matter for the police, one would have thought. Quite literally.

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Oh, look, it's our handiwork all over London buses again..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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