David Cameron reveals himself as a god botherer

Just in case you needed just one more reason not to like old Lord Snooty, the bribe-taking, Cornish-pasty eating (or not, as the case may be) Prime Minister of Her Majesty’s government, we can exclusively (well, not exclusively maybe seeing as we nicked it off another website) reveal that he is a god-bothering Christian who thinks that it’s great that the Chrizzies are getting nasty. If you thought they hadn’t always been pretty nasty, that is.

‘I think there’s something of a fightback going on,’ he said at a reception at Downing Street, where drinks are free. ‘And we should welcome that. The values of the Bible, the values of Christianity, are the values that we need.’

The fightback he is referring to takes in a Christian couple defending their right not to have dirty gays in their B&B because it offends their deeply held Christian beliefs that homos are the work of the devil, a vile homophobic registrar who refuses to marry gay people because her Bible tells her it’s wrong (it also tells her sex before marriage is wrong, but she skipped that bit as it was too boring) and the Catholic churches which read out a letter saying something along the lines that gays getting married was grotesque. Nice people, in short.

And perhaps DC has not read his Bible recently but we’re pretty sure that protecting the interests of the rich against the poor are not in there. In fact, we thought it was the other way round. But then R.E. never was our favourite subject at school and we may have got that bit wrong.

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