What, doesn’t everyone’s boyfriend look like this?

Thom Evans

This is Thom Evans, rugby player, would-be aggressive top, and boyfriend of Kelly Brook. Kelly Brook, for those who don’t know, is never knowingly not in a bikini. She is bikini ready.

This is a photo of Thom Evans that Kelly Brook took. Not only would we bum him, but those shorts are actually nice. Who knew straight men could buy decent shorts?

Which buggers the question… Who wants to see Thom Evans with his cock out?

Oh, and this is the bit where we say NSF some people’s W. Hooray!

Thom Evans penis

Thom Evans penis

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What, doesn't everyone's boyfriend look like this?, 9.3 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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  1. I this the Elyssium Hotel, notorious gay hang-out, in Mykonos? Could be!

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  2. […] is real life evidence of Thom Evans’ penis here, here and here (segue: he is Chris Evan’s cousin. As in the orange fella off-of breakfast, not the […]

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