Vidal Sassoon – hairdresser, gentleman, scholar and acrobat – has died

Some celebrities, when you interview them, are cunts (Katy Perry). Some are idiots (Kylie Minogue). Some are rude (Charlize Theron, though she did apologise when we called her on it). And some are big disappointments (Drew Barrymore: ‘Oh, that is so inappropriate. I’m not comfortable with that sort of question…’)

Others are diamonds. They stop rehearsals just to shout goodbye to you right across Wembley Arena (Beyonce). They finish their drinks with you even though they are being called to the stage (Adele). They sit and mend your tape-recorder for you (Avril Lavigne). They send you flowers and ask you to their house-warming parties (Tara Palmer Tompkinson).

Vidal Sassoon was of the diamond category. After just a 20-minute phone interview to go with his documentary (not even his documentary, so he didn’t have to do it), he tracked down our address and hand-wrote us a letter to say how nice it had been to speak to us.

You are a legend, sir. A self-made creative genius whose work will live on. And we salute you.

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Vidal Sassoon - hairdresser, gentleman, scholar and acrobat - has died, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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