Her Majesty’s BBC is a hotbed of communism says Boris Johnson. In the Telegraph.

‘The BBC is unlike any other media organisation in the free world,’ says Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, politician of choice for those not interested in politics (honestly, you might as well vote in Basil Brush if it’s just for laughs).

And he’s right! As it’s not owned by rich right-wing businessmen in order to promote their products, elect sympathetic politicians and generally keep ordinary people stupid, it is free to be impartial, to put both sides of stories, to commission shows that may not be hugely commercial but which are important and ground-breaking. It’s why it might just be the most respected broadcaster in the whole wild world.

But that’s not quite what Mr. Johnson means. ‘It levies billions from British households whether they want to watch it or not,’ he says. Oh dear. What we really need, apparently, is a director-general who is a ‘pro-business’ Tory. So he or she can sell it off, presumably. And not just to the highest bidder but to a bidder who will give ex-Tory MPs highly paid jobs on the board for the rest of their lives. Those are the bidders they will be looking for.

‘I speak,’ he went on in his column in The Telegraph for which he gets somewhere in the region of one million pounds (the BBC doesn’t pay those sort of rates!), ‘I speak as someone who has just fought a campaign in which I sometimes felt that my chief opponent was the local BBC news…’

How dare the BBC not give the philandering ponce the easy ride he got in all the right-wing newspapers, which simultaneously carried out comprehensive character assassinations of his opponents? Hmmm?

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Her Majesty's BBC is a hotbed of communism says Boris Johnson. In the Telegraph., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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2 comments to “Her Majesty’s BBC is a hotbed of communism says Boris Johnson. In the Telegraph.”

  1. Seems very ungrateful. Wasn’t it the BBC’s Have I Got News For You that made him famous and paved his path to being Mayor of London?

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  2. FACT: IT’s owned by the CROWN(sychophants).

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