We love Richard Branson. Let us count the ways.

1) He is down with the gays. See above.

2) Like Bill Roache off-of Ken Barlow, his hair is a miracle. It’s like he has money.

3) His bendy Virgin trains may have base notes of urine, middle notes of burning rubber and top notes of lavender, but Virgin Airlines are the nicest of the lot, going from us to the States. And back again. We add the latter because we do love a bit of Singapore Airlines. Who tend to go the other way.

4) He employs attractive people at Virgin Airlines. Some of them are even gay.

e) Despite the money, he insists on wearing a leather jacket that looks like it was bought from a pleather outlet factory in Cheatham Hill, Manchester.

6) The music on this video is like something out of a Merchant Ivory. If our hearts weren’t made of stone, we’d be crying like girls right now. Sorry, gays.

7) We know Richard Branson had nothing to do with music, we just needed to share.

8) His Virgin Clubhouse is the best of the lot. Except when we’re in the Singapore Airlines lounge.

And c) and d).


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We love Richard Branson. Let us count the ways., 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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