One Million Cunty Moms object to this gay poster

And not because they’re stretching that T-shirt all out of shape either.

No, the One Million Moms movement in America (we demand a recount, by the way, not that there’s any shortage of cunts in the world) has objected to this poster by the GAP and they are not going to buy any more unflattering chinos there until it is withdrawn.

They are extending their boycotting activities (not that they are a particularly active group, physically) to GAP-related brands Old Navy, Banana Republic etc and have stated that these brands ‘does not deserve, nor will it get, money from conservative families across the country’. A little more time on the grammar homework might not go amiss, ladies.

‘Supporting GAP is not an option until they decide to remain neutral in the culture war,’ they go on (and on: well, you know what mums are like when they get a bee in their bonnet). ‘GAP needs to seriously consider how their immoral advertising affect the youth of our nation.’

Yeah, two boys in a t-shirt is clearly the work of the devil, a culture war for a group who have no culture that’s not Dr. Phil. Listen, ‘moms’, we suggest you go back to the job of feeding your children foods that will make them fat but mean you don’t have to actually cook and have more time for TV and moaning about your poor bastard husbands.

Oh, and remember, any dog in the street can be a mother, so if you ever need any help getting down off that very high horse…

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One Million Cunty Moms object to this gay poster, 8.6 out of 10 based on 34 ratings

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30 comments to “One Million Cunty Moms object to this gay poster”

  1. Stance against discrimination based on sexuality completely torpedoed by the repeated use of the gendered misogynistic insult “cunt”. Good job.

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  2. Is the word cunt misogynistic? I use it freely for cunts of all genders.

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  3. Surely, if GAP are supposed to remain neutral then they shouldn’t depict heterosexual couples in their advertising either.

    By One Million Moms’ standards, all GAP ad campaigns should depict a male or a female of indeterminate sexuality alone, stock still, eyes forward lest their companion, pose or gaze give any hint as to their sexual preference.

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  4. As a Mum, I find yours, and the “million American Mums”, reaction both as disgusting as the other.

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  5. I think the picture is rather sweet.

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  6. How can you support gay rights but create such a sickeningly sexist, misogynistic article? If you believe in people having equal rights, what makes you think it’s right to call women “cunts” for any reason? You think every woman is against this poster, or every “mom”? On top of that, you think it’s okay to make snide comments about weight, motherhood, and “womanly” jobs like cookind and laundry?

    Not only men are gay, you know. When you support gay rights, you support the rights of men and women acorss the world. You support the rights of everyone who dares to be who they truly are, no matter their gender, sexuality, race, or anything of the sort… It isn’t about male supremacy.

    You disgust me.

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  7. I’m a gay man and like most gay men have mainly women friends and those women friends would call these Million Moms cunts just like I would. Cunt is a gender unspecific term.

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  8. Chaucer used the word ‘cunt’ repeatedly. Have it out with him.

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  9. Oh dear,

    I wonder: in how many of those 1 million “conservative” mums’ homes doth lurk gay sons and even dads and daughters, aunts and uncles.

    How many of their offspring are suffering either physically,mentally or emotionally (or combinations thereof) due to overwhelming requirement to suppress their true selves?

    Frankly, GAP should just tell them to take a hike.

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  10. I think these ‘offended’ moms have mistaken this site for the Daily Mail. Surely the country’s gone to the dogs?

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  11. I love it when people are shocked by the word ‘cunt’. I hope these same people never call other people – male or female – a ‘dick’ or a ‘prick’ or a ‘knob’.
    It’s also ironic that people are so offended – more offended – by the word ‘cunt’ than, say, ‘dick’. I find that extraordinarily misogynistic… are these people suggesting that female genitalia are more risible than male?

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  12. My mom’s a mom, and she thinks these moms are cunts.

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  13. It’s sickening beyond all reason that people could use the term “cunt” loosely in an attempt to shame, hurt, and hate women. It’s as bad as calling gay men “faggots”, if you need an extreme comparison to comprehend the situation.

    If this article was talking about gay men being “faggots” for their views rather than women being “cunts” for their veiws, I can safely assume that many people here wouldn’t be so eager to support such discrimination.

    Because yes, you’re promoting discrimination against women to fight discrimination against homosexuality. There’s no logic there. Nothing gives you the right to hate people for being who they are. Can you not see the hypocrisy?

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  14. To make things clear, I’m extremely against the homophobic mothers mentioned in this article. I understand why this shocking story was reported and I am in no way supportive of what these mothers have done. The problem I have is I don’t understand why you’re using an outragous amount of sexism to get your point across.

    Yes, these women are terrible. Yes, you should be angry. But what makes you think it’s okay to use being a women as a reason to hate these people? How is their gender relevent in this situation? Would you not care if this was about Dads who hated homosexuality being proudly promoted in posters? Would you be sexist then?

    It isn’t about gender. It’s about people being cruel… so don’t be hypocrites.

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  15. One the one hand we have women bringing up their children as bigots. On the other we have the use of the word ‘cunt’.

    Interesting to see which side people are coming down on.

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  16. Imagine if One Million Moms were encouraging their children to be racists? Would we be worrying about the word cunt then? Or would we just be beyond disgusted?

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  17. So, R, it’s cruel to call these unmotherly ‘moms’ cunts, is it? I rather think it’s more cruel that a good 100,000 of these ‘million moms’ will have gay children. Who will be growing up with hatred from their own parents. That is called child cruelty. Choose your battles more wisely.

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  18. My god, we’re talking about child cruelty here – these moms are worse than cunts, they are execrable. Inhuman, I would say. Yet a bunch of you are getting in a froth about etymology!

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  19. Encouraging your kids to be racist isn’t any less severe than turning them into homophobes or sexists – it’s terrifying all around. Parents shouldn’t encourage their children to hate certain people for being who they are. Sexism, racism, and homophobia are all equally as sick.

    I agree: I hate to think what will happen to the children of these Mothers. If their children turn out to be gay, there were blatantly be a huge amount of abuse and hate for the daughter or son to deal with. Or maybe after seeing their child proud to be gay, these Mothers will change their mind about it all, I don’t know. What I do know is that having homophobic parents isn’t any more terrible than having sexist or racist parents.

    If these Mothers are as sexist as they are homophobic, I shudder to think how often a young girl’s opinions will be silenced and how often she’ll be called a “cunt” by her parents for having different views. And if, in an example of racism, their children fall in love with someone of a different race, it’s going to be equally as hard.

    So tell me this, if you had a female child, do you think she would be proud to see her mother and father or mothers and fathers calling women “cunts” because their opinions are wrong? Do you think it would be any less terrible than seeing a parent use homophobic or racist slurs against people?

    It’s hypocritical. I’m more disappointed in this article than I can clearly say.

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  20. The C word is strangely provocative for some reason. You can use it on either a man or a woman, so it doesn’t seem in itself misogynistic. In the same way, you can call anyone – man or woman – a total prick or a cock and you can say something is bollocks. You can also call someone – male or female – a twat, which means the same thing. So why is ‘cunt’ especially offensive? Don’t understand.

    Yeah, it’s a strong word but strong words are there to be used when the situation demands a strong word. It’s what communication is all about.

    Can anyone tell me why ‘cunt’ is so particularly offensive and explain why it is sexist? Are vaginas somehow worse than penises? Isn’t that misogynistic?

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  21. The thing I got from this was that just because you’re a mother, doesn’t mean you’re a good person. There can’t be anything worse than a mother poisoning her children’s minds with hatred, can there?

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  22. Anyone who poisons children’s minds with discrimination is a terrible person, be them mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, cousins, family friends, whatever. This doesn’t have to be about gender again.

    No one deserves to be hated for being who they are. I made the mistake of thinking people here would understand that.

    It’s easy to think homosexuality is worse than sexism and racism when you’re a white, misogynistic male. It’s the same exact mistake these heterosexual females are making towards homosexuals.

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  23. It isn’t just the word “cunt” that makes this article (or entire website?) extremely sexist. It isn’t even the various other snide comments about motherhood that annoys me. It’s the fact that you think these women should be insulted for being women, rather than for being horrifically prejudice.

    You think that calling a woman a “cunt” is worse than calling a woman out on her blatant homophobia. You think being womanly is worse than being shallow, close-minded, ignorant, savagely cruel, or stubborn. Instead of telling people how horrible these Mothers are being, you do exactly as they did: you hate them for being what they really are.

    You’re just as bad as they are.

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  24. Terrible title, terrible writing. Not to be taken seriously.

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  25. Don’t understand what you’re saying, R. ‘Cunty’ means ‘very horrible’, They are being very horrible. Proper use of word then. Have you ever referred to a man as a total dick? Is that not as bad?

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  26. Oh Em, it’s actually rather well written. And oh, R. What on earth are you on about? And as for cunt….. I’m a woman, and it’s one of my favorite words. Don’t find it misogynistic in the slightest.

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  27. Curious if so many of these comments are from first time readers of this site? It’s not a word that goes unused very often around here, thank you very much. You can walk into any Scribbler and see it in big bold letters on many greeting cards.

    If you have been around this site for awhile, you’d realise that the word gets used on all kinds of folk across genders, ages and continents. All equally vile and deserving.

    Do yourselves a favour and have a wander through some older posts. You’ll laugh a lot, be a offended a bit (which isn’t such a bad thing) and realise it’s an equal opportunity vocabulary.

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  28. Being gay is a mental illness, all gays should be sent to extermination camps to be removed from this earth.

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  29. Why has nobody touched on the irony that R has such disgust for a word that so clearly describes them?


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  30. Reading these replies it seems to me an awful lot of people have got the wrong end of the stick.

    The use of the ‘c’ word is not sexist in the slightest, it’s an insult yes, but can be used for both sexes. Just read the original article and replace the ‘c’ word with something else such as ‘bigoted’.

    I’m amazed that so many people are complaining about the use of a word they don’t like rather than the reason for the original article. It’s like stealing a car and then complaining because you were arrested.

    Imagine if the statement had been about a black and white couple together, there would be hell to pay.

    In the end though, if someone truly believes that image is offensive then in the privacy of my own home I’ll quite happily call them a cunt – whether they are a mother, father, priest or politician.

    PS: Miles, you do know you’re IP is logged and can be traced?

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