Mika’s back! And we’re back in love!

Here he is! Hello! And he has a new album and single and concert and hair and T-shirt and everything.

You can see him (if you’re foolhardy enough) at this Sunday’s Lovebox along with I Am A Camera, Grace Jones, Chaka Khan Chaka Khan, Lana Del Rey and Hazell Dean (sorry, just heard Hazell Dean has pulled out due to the fact that no one gives a flying fuck and yet she’s been hired for World Pride for the princely sum – don’t you love how we know this shit? – of £150!) Anyway, anyway… Back to Mika. And you can also see him at Heaven on 26th July.

In the meantime, we would like you to enjoy this sneak preview of his new album The Origin of Love (out in September) called ‘Make You Happy’. We’d embed the video only our techie guy is away and we don’t know what the HELL we’re doing without him, so click here It’s not exactly a video for the song, more a film commissioned to interpret it. Or something.

Oh, and did you know that Mika wrote ‘Gang Bang’ on Madonna’s MDNA? That snippet of information would be good for a pub quiz.

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