And in today’s actual breaking sports news…

This is Nicklas Bendtner (and anyone with the word ‘bend’ in their name can’t be all bad), the Danish striker (kicks balls hard in football) who thought he’d do a little guerrilla advertising during a match – a football match we suppose – against Portugal. Are you impressed at the depth of our sporting knowledge in the relaying of this story?

Anyways, you’re apparently not allowed to pull your shorts down during an international match, especially not if you’re inadvertently advertising an Irish betting shop on them at the time. And for that reason, Knickerless Bender here has been fined 100,000 euros, which was once quite a bit of money, and banned from playing one game.

Fining hot men for pulling their shorts down is just one reason we don’t think we’ll ever be into sports.

And that concludes today’s actual breaking sports news.

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2 comments to “And in today’s actual breaking sports news…”

  1. *That* boy is seriously fuckable …

    Can’t I punish him on their behalf & call it a day?


    Poor dear.

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  2. You can as long as I can watch and do a video, Rich.

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