What year is this?

Show us your Tatum pole

We haven’t seen this much naff nudity since 1992 when we knocked a quick one out to a Bella double-page feature on the Chippendales in the downstairs loo of aunty Sandra’s semi-detached in Luton.

This is Channing Tatum in his new film Magic Mike, which we all know is about strippers and we all know will be deliciously shit. How do we know this? Because it also stars Matthew McConaughey of no known talent other than muscle. His résumé simply reads ‘body’.

Earlier, the Today show saw Mr Tatum pole do a fully-clothed strip tease. Question: how does that work? Answer: it doesn’t. But we can’t possibly show you that here, so we’ve had to do a lidl linkey to the Today show, right here.

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  1. Don’t think I didn’t know what you were doing with my copy of Bella young man. Pages 6-7 were stuck together for weeks.

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