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Skyfall, official trailer, Daniel Craig in this season’s swimwear, Dame Judi D says ‘bloody’, etc.


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Are you a London-based homosexualist who likes a drink and the company of gays? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Just imagine you were gay. And lived in or around (or both!) London. And were at a loose end of a Tuesday evening (or would like to be at someone’s loose end…). And thought, ‘What can I do that involves maybe a drink, maybe the company of other gay men in beautiful surroundings conducive to intercourse (of the talking variety only! Well, on the premises at least…) with maybe a little light Olympics action on a big screen somewhere in the background. What would you do?

Well, you’d have to be pretty silly if you didn’t get down to this evening’s Jake event at Anise, the bar at Cinammon Kitchen at 9 Devonshire Square, at the end of New Street, just opposite the Bishopsgate exit to Liverpool Street station.

It starts at 6.30pm, it costs £10 and for that you get a welcome drink. Expect movers and shakers, some in suits, some in casuals and a very nice welcome from the guys who run it, who will introduce you if you’re new and don’t know anyone.

We might even go ourselves! Click here to RSVP or just pitch up and say Jake to the nice lad on the door.

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Legs. Cyclists’ legs. Big cyclists’ legs. Cyclists’ big legs. Oh, and bulges.

Here are the legs you need if you want to stand any chance of winning the cycling down the Olympics (we are allowed to say ‘Olympics’, aren’t we? We’re not going to have Ronald McDonald coming round to bang on our back doors?)

They belong to Andre Greipel (left) and Robert Forstemann (erm, right) off-of Holland (it might be The Netherlands, we’re not sure).

That’s a whole lot of lally. Imagine those over your shoulders.

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And in today’s breaking Olympics news…

Hands down Speedos.

And that concludes today’s breaking Olympics news.


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And in today’s breaking underwear news…

Tomas Scoloudik for Emporio Armani.

And that concludes today’s breaking underwear news…

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Oh, look at Sarah Palin making a point of buying food from homophobic Chick-fil-A

As right-thinking authorities all over America look at the fine print of licences held by openly, vociferously, horribly homophobic chicken outlet (say no more, right?) Chick-fil-A to see if they can get them run out of town, leave it to dear old, loveable old, cunty old Sarah Palin and her pussy-whipped husband to pop in just so they could Tweet that they were supporting ‘a great business’.

Is it any wonder that when her daughter Bristol’s three-year-old child was caught calling someone a faggot in a reality TV show, all Bristol could do was laugh. Those dirty apples don’t fall very far from the tree. Was there ever a face that needed a harder slap?

No wonder even John McCain is saying it was a mistake to pick her as running mate in the last election.

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And today’s celebrity penis belongs to… Kellan Lutz

You see, board shorts aren’t always wrong.

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So, the Troll who said Tom Daley had let down his dad turns out to be a super-high-achieving teenager with Olympic hopes

Oh, no, sorry, it’s some dick who has been arrested at a guest house in Weymouth who couldn’t dive if there were a few IQ points up for grabs at the bottom of a puddle.

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