You can just smell the yeast infections

 Who’s a greedy bottom then?

Witness ye olde photograph of Channing Tatum doing what all teenage boys must do to pay the rent in the absence of a sugar daddy. Dressed head to toe in his best Day-Glo panties, young Tatum pole can be seen shaking his money maker in the kind of establishment where they serve cocktails called Herpes and bar snacks of Rohypnol.

And we can see why he was such a popular lad. Quite aside from his aside, it’s all about the GI Joe hair-do and the sexy-cum-stroke-victim facial expression, innit. Oh and of course those briefettes, which I think we’ve already mentioned. *re-reads* Yes.

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You can just smell the yeast infections, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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