Look at these Christian cunts, completely not getting the irony of their homophobic cuntiness!

Meet the members of the Core Issues Trust, an extreme religious Christian group that doesn’t believe in Christian things like helping people – you know, like Febrezing then gifting their Tena Ladies – but instead like nothing more than a cup of hatred in which to dunk their Rich Teas. (No offence to people who like a Rich Tea. Some of our closest friends like Rich Teas!)

The Core Issues Trust – who, true to form believe in ‘gay cure therapy’, time and energy which could be put into helping needy neighbours carry their Sainsberries across a grassy knoll – took even more time and energy out of their busy hating schedules to come and protest outside Stonewall’s Education for All conference. This conference aims to continue the battle against homophobic bullying in schools (with enemies like these, etc. It’s like one of those see-through cocktail forks coming out against the Allied Forces). Because it turns out that members of the Core Issues Trust presumably believe that children should be bullied at school – put through hell and high water, no less – just because of who they are. Some of these children could even be their grandchildren!

So these cunts made their own needlework (such dainty arthritis!) proclaiming, ‘Education Not Indoctrination: Who’s The Real Bully?’ – and in doing so made themselves look like the biggest retards religion has ever indoctrinated.

We rest our very expensive Louis Vuitton case, m’lud. (Of course we don’t have a Louis Vuitton case. What do you think we are, a cliche?)



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Look at these Christian cunts, completely not getting the irony of their homophobic cuntiness!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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