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Who do we revile the most? Tom or Kat?

He may be… well, we all know what he is but what is she?

Here she be, on the cover of a magazine (presumably knowing full well at the time of the interview and shoot she would be making utter cunts of them when this finally came out as they obviously wouldn’t have the story…) with a fringe.

You may have behaved like a child in a sweetshop when it came to Tom’s big money and big fame, love, but no one over the age of eight years old should ever have a fringe. Or bangs for that matter. Unless you’re up behind the church at Mykonos after Jackie O has closed in which case you have all the bangs you want.

She didn’t object to the Scientology before and we think it’s a little late in the game now. Besides, who dresses their small daughter up like a child prostitute the likes of which we’ve not seen since Pretty Baby?

In the interview, she comes out with such revealing details as, ‘I feel much sexier’ (which, journalists out there will know, is ctrl+S on the standard keyboard) and, ‘I’m starting to come into my own. It’s a new phase’ (ctrl+ph).

In conclusion: he may be a knob but she married it… and now she wants her money. What does that make her?


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Who do we revile the most? Tom or Kat?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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