Fuck boy scouts. No, not like that

Gays cannot be trusted with children. That’s the conclusion of the Boy Scouts of America committee who have decided that they will stick with their ban on gays working for the Scouts (lucky break, really: who wants to hang around with dorky, misfit adults and a bunch of kids who, by rights, should be watching television and trying to get round parental controls on their internets like normal right-thinking youths?)

The ruling (which has been upheld by the Supreme Court!) came after a discussion including ‘a diversity of perspectives and opinions’ (we really will be the judge of that), though it’s still not clear whether gay children are allowed to join the Scouts.

So, American friends, should you be approached by the Boy Scouts of America for a donation of any kind – be it via the medium of a bake sale or a tin shaken in your face – please tell them to shove it up their back bottoms and donate to Kittens in Peril on the Seas instead.


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Fuck boy scouts. No, not like that, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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One comment to “Fuck boy scouts. No, not like that”

  1. Let’s just cut the bullshit and talk about the implication here: “ALL GAY MEN WANT TO FUCK YOUR CHILDREN”. We’ll just ignore all those FBI statistics (at least 95% of child molesters are straight men), 50 years of research on the topic (more than 97%) and hospital record correlations (more than 99%). Not only are most child molesters heterosexual men, they are usually married and active in their communities. But, as always, bigotry is much more important than reality in America. Enjoy your false sense of security, I guess.

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