Boris ‘Cunt’ Johnson claims the Olympics for the Tories. The Olympics beg to differ.

Boris Johnson, homophobic Mayor of Olde London Town, has claimed that the Olympics are a triumph for the Conservative Party! Hooray, right?

Never mind it was a Labour government and a Labour mayor that bagged them and got the buildings finished ahead of schedule, and surely a Labour government that groomed the majority of these athletes to glory, unless they all took up their sports at the last minute. Never mind all that, the country’s Olympic triumph is really a triumph of modern Conservatism (surely a contradiction in terms).

But that’s BoJo for you, never slow in taking credit for other people’s work*

‘Kids in this country are seeing that there is a direct correlation between effort and achievement, and the more you put in, the more you get out,’ said the man who had the finest education that money could buy on the day it was announced the Conservative government is overseeing the closure of 21 more state school sports fields. ‘That is a wonderful, Conservative lesson about life.’

Another lesson we might glean from the Olympics is that if you invest public money in sport – surely a socialist rather than a Conservative principle, but we’ve probably misunderstood that, having had a humble state education – you get results. The selling off of state school sports fields has as yet failed to prove itself as a sure-fire route to Olympic glory. Only time will tell.

‘It’s about being a community,’ he went on, apparently in all seriousness. ‘It’s about everybody doing things together.’

So, now you know, Conservatives are all about doing things together. Which means you doing it together and them taking a tidy profit on whatever it is you do.

* The Barclays bike scheme was initiated by Ken Livingstone, Boris just flogged the sponsorship deal to his banker friends at Barclays at a criminally low price considering their prominence in this fair city and then accused everyone of ‘banker bashing’ the minute they mentioned it.

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Boris 'Cunt' Johnson claims the Olympics for the Tories. The Olympics beg to differ., 7.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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3 comments to “Boris ‘Cunt’ Johnson claims the Olympics for the Tories. The Olympics beg to differ.”

  1. Apparently the Tories can also take credit for the wheel, robots, teddy bears and air.

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  2. Are they going to close one state school sports field per gold medal we get? Maybe we should ask Team GB to cease and desist.

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  3. Vile human being. His self-serving tactics are not only see-through, they are beyond reprehensible. He makes me shudder just looking at him, the bloated twat.

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