Why would Grazia obscure their own main coverline on the website?

Doesn’t make no sense to anyone! Why would they say, ‘In this week’s issue: Demi Moore ‘Deletes’ Ashton. Our Olympic Heroines. PLUS The Couple Who…’ something something without making a single reference to the  sad picture of Jennifer Aniston that they run on two covers out of three? Riddle us that, someone. Why would Grazia, the magazine that makes up the stories YOU want to read, do such a thing?

Could it be that the coverline reads: ‘It’s over? Jen’s turmoil as Justin runs back to ex’ and all the newspapers are splashing on the news that they’ve just announced their engagement?

And what’s Grazia, the magazine that fits into your life AND your wastepaper basket, going to do now it can’t run ‘Poor Jen’ cover stories that they have from the very best sources close to the actress, 43? Hmmm?

And in the meantime, shall we remind ourselves why magazines used to be so good by looking at this trailer for a new documentary about the legendary Diana Vreeland?

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Why would Grazia obscure their own main coverline on the website?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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