Spare £300million, anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

2 Rutland Gardens


Whilst we’re busy scrounging around to find an extra £1.40 so that WholeFoods will stick our beef focaccia in the toaster for 45 seconds in order that it becomes a beef melt, some people have £300million to spend on a little bolthole round the corner from Harvey Nichols.

No.2 Rutland Gardens in London’s glittering Knightsbridge is yours at just shy of a third of a billion pounds… but what price a hop and a skip from hob-nobbing with the wildlife down Hyde Park? What price a hop and a cartwheel from the Diana ‘n’ Dodi memorial in slinky, shiny, grotty ol’ Harrods? What price a hop and a balançoire from the deep-fried loveliness of Mr Chow? What price a huge piece of London real estate that will remain empty – in spite of the indoor pool! – so you can evade yet even more tax?

The mansion is the former home of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri but after his assassination was shunted on – as a gift! – to Sultan bin Abdulazi. Sure beats half a pound of Jelly Babies.

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