One Direction’s new video (featuring partial nudity). And we still don’t get it.

We remember watching One Direction perform in X Factory at East London’s glittering George & Dragon, where the music is fun, the crowd a blast and the arseholes who work behind the bar need a good slap (a hard one, maybe with an implement). We were with an American friend (girl), who clearly didn’t get what this whole X Factory thing was all about. ‘Those guys are going to be the really big stars of this,’ she said. We laughed, pointed, poked and made her get the next round for her sheer stupidity. It was plainly all about Matt Cardle (is that even how you spell his name?).

Now that they are the biggest band in the world, we feel we owe that American friend a drink. But, franchement, we still don’t get it.

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One Direction's new video (featuring partial nudity). And we still don't get it., 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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