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Rupert Everett has let rip once more. It’s quite enjoyable this time.


Rupert Everett is currently doing the rounds promoting Vanished Years, Part II of his autobiography. Part I is Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. Both are rather brilliant. For these reasons, we can just about forgive his attention seeking because, when push comes to bum, we’ve all got tights to pay for.

Rupert’s latest rant, given to the Guardian, is about gays getting married in churches. Unlike what he said about gays being parents (if that ‘related stories’ widget down there is working, it should be *checks notes* down there), we actually agree with him. Don’t let that fact put you off inviting us to your nuptials, however. Unless you’re planning on a dry wedding. We’re not completely crazy.

‘Why do queens want to go and get married in churches? Obviously this crusty old pathetic, Anglican Church – the most joke-ish church of all jokey churches – of course they don’t want to have queens getting married. It’s kind of understandable that they don’t; they’re crusty old calcified freaks.

‘But why do we want to get married in churches? I don’t understand that, myself, personally. I loathe heterosexual weddings; I would never go to a wedding in my life. I loathe the flowers, I loathe the fucking wedding dress, the little bridal tiara. It’s grotesque. It’s just hideous.

‘The wedding cake, the party, the champagne, the inevitable divorce two years later. It’s just a waste of time in the heterosexual world, and in the homosexual world I find it personally beyond tragic that we want to ape this institution that is so clearly a disaster.’

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Rupert Everett has let rip once more. It's quite enjoyable this time., 7.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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2 comments to “Rupert Everett has let rip once more. It’s quite enjoyable this time.”

  1. Having umphed at his gay dads comments, I now find myself agreeing on this one. We’ve got Civil Partnerships and equality in law…who needs some kiddy fiddling old peado in a frock to give us anything more?

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  2. Completely agree with you Nigee, on both counts. I understand the idea that equality includes the right to marry in church if you want, like any other straight person who has the urge to marry in church, but I’d rather stick pins in my balls. Besides, won’t churches still have ‘the right’ to not carry out gay marriages? This gay marriage law is merely to allow those that want to marry gays the legal wherewithal to do so, right?

    It all seems rather a miss-appropriation of time, effort and money, when there are more pressing concerns for gay rights. Though at least it is highlighting how retarded these anti-gay religious nutjobs are, not that they needed any help on that front.

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