Some people don’t know they’re born.

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A man in San Francisco, London’s glittering California – see above, with mist – is suing the gay pornography company he used to work for after allegedly being forced, with force, to inject performers’ penises with drugs to prolong their erections.

It all came to a head after he pricked his finger with a syringe during one of the procedures.

Italics are fun.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ronald Barker claims he suffered emotional distress and anxiety-induced health problems after accidentally piercing his finger in January during a common-or-garden penis-injecting procedure.

Get a fucking grip, dolly. Oh, literally!

When Ronald voiced his concerns, over potential exposure to HIV amongst other things, his employers allegedly went into a bit of a fear spiral, didn’t know what the hell to do, then stopped his paychecks. The porn actors also allegedly didn’t have medical prescriptions for the injections of TriMix, which sounds like something off The Great British Bake Off and found in abundance in and around Brendan’s cooking island.

Ronald subsequently filed a lawsuit against the Adult Entertainment Broadcasting Network, who he is suing for emotional distress, violations of employment and business codes, wrongful termination, and c) and d).


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