Some highlights from Attitude’s glittering inaugural awards bash-type thing

1. Talking to Marcus Collins in the toilet. Just talking. He wouldn’t take it further.

2. Celebrity cock-watching a certain actor in the toilet. Tasty and delicious.

3. Having Tara Palmer Tompkinson pour us very large wines to replace one she just sipped.

4. Thom Evans saying he found us very funny on Twitter *drops trou, takes bow*

5. Having a nice chat with Attitude’s first ever Icon, Peter Tatchell, who we once gave a make-over (he still remembers that Prada suit with affection).

6. Purity vodka. And lots of it.

7. Clare Balding using the picking up of an award as an opportunity to swipe a bottle of wine for her table.

8. Sir Ian McKellen telling the room that when he does schools tours to talk about homophobic bullying 13-year-old girls are all very concerned he doesn’t have a boyfriend.

9. Sitting next to that nice gay soldier fellow and his boyfriend for dinner. Impeccable manners.

10. John Partridge off-of EastEnders declining to have his face licked. He’s no fun anymore, that one.

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Some highlights from Attitude's glittering inaugural awards bash-type thing, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Hey! Could you please tell me the names of these guys!! thanks!! :D

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