Nick Griffin, MEP, CUNT.

Nick Griffin, prize cunt.

Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British Nazi Party (there’s a slice of frangipane tart going for anyone who spots the typo) and Member of the European Parliament for the North West (of what?) is, as we all know, a prize cunt.

To add to his prize cuntiness, he has Tweeted the address of the gay couple who today won (hooray!) their legal case against the B&B Christian nut-jobs who refused to let them stay at their B&B because they are gay.

Nick Griffin, who has just the loveliest eyes, is not happy about this. Spat his dummy out, you name it. So, by way of redressing the balance, he has called to arms his fellow cunts and suggested that they demo outside the home of Michael Black and John Morgan. Or, to give it its legal name, has incited hatred.

Anyone who’s anyone is outraged. There are exclamation marks all over the shop. Nick Griffin, however, doesn’t understand why.

‘Why don’t left & gay activists confront Muslims instead of picking on meek & forgiving Christians? Bullies are always cowards!’ (sic) says Nick Griffin, bully, coward, cunt, lovely eyes, sick.

Keep digging, Griffin.

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  1. How is this horrible little boss eyed twat not under arrest for this? Seriously those guys could be hurt because of that. Bastard!

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