Let’s (holiday) celebrate the 20th anniversary of Madonna’s SEX book!

It is twenty years to the very day that Madonna unleashed her SEX book on a world that could hardly be expected to be ready for a pop megastar with a knife to her throat, being raped by various skinheads of various genders, getting way too close to a dog’s nadgers (no, we don’t mean Naomi Campbell), getting way too close to Naomi Campbell’s nadgers (yes, we do mean Naomi Campbell), hitchhiking with her flange to the breeze, leading a group of naked men on a leash and generally provoking the entire wrath of the Christian right in one handy to wipe down, aluminium-covered, ring-bound *breathes* book.

It remains the best-selling coffee table book of all time and to this day – two decades later – it has never been matched, making ‘risque’ pop stars like Rihanna look like a bunch of tarts by comparison. It was – IS! – smart, funny, dangerous, daring, rule-breaking and we refer to it even now that we’ve done everything in it (except for Naomi Campbell).

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Let's (holiday) celebrate the 20th anniversary of Madonna's SEX book!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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