It’s Will & Grace meets One Foot In The Grave!


Don’t you just hate that? You know, when people make things easier to imagine by comparing them to other things? You know, like how Kylie’s new album is The Greatest Hits of the Mice of Bagpuss meets Senokat? Knowwhatwe’resayin’?

What we are in fact talking about… just a minute whilst we tie our hair in a bun using Kylie’s impossibly thin voice… is a new gay sitcom that has just been commissioned by ITV. Called Vicious Old Queens (love already, right?), it stars Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi (love already, right?) and is written by Gary Janetti of Will & Grace fame (love to love you baby, right?) Oh and it’s produced by our dear friend *checks phone* Gary, which might explain why he’s been a very bad friend of late and hasn’t taken us on our weekly Dean Street Townhouse lunch to talk ‘TV ideas’ for *checks notes* weeks! And if that doesn’t make us sound like wankers, we’ll just have to try that little bit harder.

It starts sometime, we imagine it will get a 10pm slot, and is it still too early to put up our Christmas tree?

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It's Will & Grace meets One Foot In The Grave!, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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