Barclays bank is not going to give Stonewall any more money because those poor little Christians are all upset again.

This man is a bigot. He is spending lots of the Scottish Catholic Church’s money on bigotry. A cool £100,000 that could have been spent on alleviating the suffering of the poor (that was Jesus’s idea; we think it’s a good one) has been spent on ‘the war’ on gay marriage. Because Cardinal Keith O’Brien has a bee in his very fancy bonnet about the gays. Gay relationships are, according to him, ‘harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being’ of people and are comparable with slavery and child abuse.

But don’t you call him a bigot or Barclays won’t sponsor your event. Do you understand? Look at us when we’re talking to you! Following his nomination for Bigot of the Year at this Thursday’s Stonewall Awards, the Christians are yet again the victims of a cruel, cruel world where known perverts are allowed to have their perversion recognised by law. How many prophets have to die before all this goes away?

One Mark McLane (sort out the eyebrows, love), Managing Director and Head of Global Diversity at Barclays, the bank with a flawless reputation (oh, apart from the apartheid thing. And the Bob Diamond thing. And a couple of other things that are ongoing), has come over very high-minded following complaints from poor, victimised Christians. Don’t mention slavery or child abuse to them, by the way, will you?

‘I have recently been made aware of the inclusion of a Bigot of the Year category in the awards,’ said McLane. Bearing in mind the category has always been part of the awards, it looks like someone is chucking around his company’s money without doing his research.

‘Let me be absolutely clear…’ , he went on, because everyone has to be absolutely clear these days: it’s a Cameron thing, ‘that Barclays does not support that award category either financially or in principle and have informed Stonewall that should they decide to continue with this category we will not support this event in the future.’

That’s OK, because gays will not support Barclays bank in the future. It’s what they call tit for tat. Now get the eyebrows sorted!


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Barclays bank is not going to give Stonewall any more money because those poor little Christians are all upset again., 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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