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Andrew Flintoff in his pants.

Andrew Flintoff in pants

Andrew Flintoff also goes by the name of Freddie Flintoff. And they say gays know nothing about sport…!

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Look at dolly old Tom Daley! What a dolly!

We prefer more penis for our buck but bummers can’t be choosers.

*checks notes*

Bummers can be choosers.

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Mark Wright from behind.


He’s not afraid of colour.

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Today is St. Andrew’s Day, which is Scottish or something. To celebrate, let’s look at Darius Danesh’s penis.


This being a family show, we have split the story into two parts. The first is Darius minus schlong, which is up there. The second, which is down there, is Darius with schlong.

St. Andrew’s Day is fun!


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Wanna see a homosexual famous with his legs spread? Do gay bears have anonymous sex in the woods?


Is that a small guitar in your hand Matthew Mitcham, or are you just happy to show us the shape of your balls?



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Finally, the reason behind lesbianism!

We’re so turned on right now we’re slipping off our designer-imposter chair.

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It all looks like bollocks so it must be worth something.

James Franco's ass
This is a story about James Franco that is in fact an excuse to use an Absolutely Fabulous quote or two. And show this picture of James Franco’s back bottom. But mostly the former.

James Franco, star of screen and screen, is to work in a pop-up Christmas shop in London’s glittering London to raise money for a gallery.

But is it art?

The shop is on Adam’s Row in Mayfair and is called House of Voltaire. We’d say it sounds like pretentious bollocks if we had the energy.

Other famouses working in the shop include the hot one out of the Roly Polys and Restoration tart Nell Gwyn.

It’s only open till Christmas so, you know, quick-sticks.


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And in today’s breaking fashion news…

Diesel jeans for Linda magazine.

And that concludes today’s breaking fashion news.

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