Now we love our Corrie, but how insulting to the gays is this?

Here is Marcus off-of Coronation Street. He is a gay, both withinside of Britain’s favourite soap and in that crazy reality show they call life. Except, in what is quite an insult to homosexuals of the gay variety, he’s about to have a fling (in the soap) with a woman. Of the female variety. And get her knocked right up into the family way. Because gays aren’t really gay. They have a fluid sexuality that can ebb and flow, into a vagina and then out into a male anus. They’re like that. They kind of can’t make up their minds.

We object.

As gays who are never tempted to get straight women pregnant – not even when very drunk, which is like three quarters of the time – we find it rude to posit (like that word? Learn it. Use it in a sentence), to posit that gay men are just waiting for the right woman – even if the simpering ditz that is Maria could ever be thought of as the right woman – to come along.

We racked our brains – even after two glasses of champagne down at London’s Sanderson Hotel – and couldn’t think of a single straight character (and there have been many) in the show’s 50 year history who has ever taken a random walk on the gay side.

We’ve had it out on Twitter with the Marcus character guy and we are prepared to wait to see how events unfold, especially with the laudable Beautiful Thing writer Jonathan Harvey all over the storyline, but suffice to say at this juncture we are none best pleased.

Prove us wrong, Coronation Street. Prove us wrong.

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Now we love our Corrie, but how insulting to the gays is this?, 9.9 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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4 comments to “Now we love our Corrie, but how insulting to the gays is this?”

  1. What a silly and ridiculous position you hold up on that high horse of yours. Sexuality is in fact fluid, incredibly fluid in fact. I wasn’t aware that Marcus was *supposed* to represent the whole of gaydom. There are many, many other gay characters in Corrie and this Maria thing has been building for-ev-er.

    I’m with you on bigots, I’m with you on Anne Widdecombe (Cunt) but I think on this one suggesting that all gays are gay forever and all straights are straight forever holds the sexuality of a great number of people to ransom.

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  2. Not being one of them, I do know some gays that would step over that line when a bit pissed and maybe even just for the attention. If all the gay characters were flip flopping around, then I’d have a problem, too, but just the one? I believe it is rather representative of the true gay(-ish) population.

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  3. I think the point being made is that in 50 years of the show a straight character has never flip-flopped so why perpetuate the myth that gay men – only represented on the show relatively recently – are all just waiting for the right woman to come along? I think it’s a very fair point.

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  4. We wait a million years to get a gay male character in a popular soap who isn’t a mincing stereotype, and turns out he’s questioning his sexuality. It’s this presumption that gay men’s sexuality is fluid that is very dangerous and quite offensive. I, alongside all of my fellow gay male friends, have never slept with a woman and have no desire to. Why would we, we’re gay!

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