It was the gays what won it for Obama.

So, no matter how you look at it, it was a close call. But the interesting thing that emerged from more than one pundit, during our very long night on the sofa watching the results as they came in, was that if Mitten Romney hadn’t taken on board the crazy religiouses on the extreme right of everything, he probably would have won.

To focus on just one minority, four out of ten Americans – which is almost 40% – have a close friend or family member who is gay. One assumes they don’t like hearing religious freaks frothing at the fanny at the very idea of gays being treated like human beings. Just guessing. They might even vote accordingly.

So, maybe it’s a lesson to those on this side of the icy waters – the Barclays bank execs, the leaders of the Scottish Conservative Party, the Alex Salmonds – that when you start attacking human rights organisations like Stonewall because the crazy religiouses have broken off from calling gays Nazis and paedophiles to put in a call to object to being called bigots, you are backing the wrong team.

Take us. We’re about to set up a new company and are looking for banks. Guess which one we won’t be going to. Guess! Go on, just guess!

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It was the gays what won it for Obama., 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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4 comments to “It was the gays what won it for Obama.”

  1. A Maths Nerd writes:

    ‘four out of ten Americans – which is almost 40%’

    Actually I think you’ll find four out of ten is *exactly* 40%.

    Otherwise, agree with every silkily-expressed word.

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  2. Oh maths nerd… that’s the joke!
    But yes, very interesting point. I wonder if the paranoid haters out there will stick this into their ‘gay agenda’ pile. And then shove it up their arses, one hopes/imagines.

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  3. As for the self-loathing gays who actually voted for Romney… What would it take, someone actually burning crosses on their lawns?

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  4. Has there been an election? How exciting! I wish it had been on the news.

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