Welcome to our new favourite old show…

This is the promo to Glitter, an Aaron Spelling TV spectacular about ‘the most popular and exciting magazine in the world’.

The scene – in which there is hair, make-up, more hair – reminds us of our own salad days in glittering magazines, tossing features ideas around like they were loose change, flirting outrageously with our editor in the hope of getting a byline on the readers’ letters page, wearing golden roll-neck blouses like there was no tomorrow (heck, there was never tomorrow in those days. People carpe’d for the diem and didn’t care who picked up the expenses!), eating Chinese take-away out of cardboard boxes during all-nighters with only the light of a single candle by which to write our sparkling copy, leaving copper lipstick stains on our glasses of Chardonnay as we chit-chatted to the Greatest Hits of The Love Boat, smiling coquettishly at a man with thick, manageable hair as he asks for soy sauce and we get caught up in the moment and slip off our designer-imposter chair into the hot, steamy, LA night…

Reminds us of our own TV series about a teenage magazine called Cherry, for girls who still have one.

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Welcome to our new favourite old show..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. How have I lived without this?!

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