Cunts on a rope

ann widdecombe homophobe

On our left we have homosexual roly poly puddin’ Russell Grant, who is roughly the size and shape of an ovum. On the right we have repellent homophobe Ann Widdecombe, who is roughly the size and shape of a cunt.

The latter, a god-fearing paranoid nutter, doesn’t think gays deserve equal rights because they are the work of the devil. The former, a gay, still thinks it’s cute to appear on the same show alongside the latter because he has no respect for himself or for other gays. But then again when you share the same ratio as a Kinder Egg, self-respect is never going to be high on the agenda.

These two chumps (so cute!) are appearing on this Friday’s Children in Need, reprising their fame whore-y roles on Strictly Come On My Tits. During their segment, during which we will be drinking or getting bummed or something, these two potatoes will be dropped from a great height dressed as angels. The irony is not lost.

They will then dance a merry dance, the audience will find them loveable, and Ann Widdecombe will return home – walking on air! – to her empty bed, a place where even tumbleweeds won’t tread.

Such reverence for homophobes and their pocket gays on Her Majesty’s BBC! If only racists were treated with the same respect!

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