Catholic priest resorts to blackmail shock. Oh, and it’s about gay equality, natch. They’re obsessed!


A Catholic priest in the United States has told a young member of his congregation that he can only be confirmed if he gives up his deeply held beliefs that gays should have equality.

Reverend Gary LaMoine of the Assumption Church in Barnesville, Minnesota has denied 17-year-old Lennon Cihak the Eucharist rite of Communion (such a hullabaloo!) until he denounces his support for equal marriage. Lennon had put a picture of an anti-equality ‘Vote Yes’ poster on his Facebook profile with the ‘Yes’ crossed out and replaced by ‘No’. Call the guard!

This, ladies, gentlemen and undecided, is what is known in showbusiness as blackmail. And we ain’t even gonna mention the inherent creepiness of a Catholic priest checking out the Facebook profile of a 17-year-old boy.

Giddy on power, Rev also went so far as to deny Lennon’s entire family Holy Communion. Quite what the Cihaks are doing rolling with these Catholic lunatics is anyone’s guess – maybe its some kind of Stockholm Syndrome – but Lennon’s mum told their local paper, ‘Father would not confirm him unless he changes his views.’

Well honey, Momma says kick the cunts to the curb and if you’re still in the market for pantomime villainy, there’s always Snow White down at the New Wimbledon.


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Catholic priest resorts to blackmail shock. Oh, and it's about gay equality, natch. They're obsessed!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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2 comments to “Catholic priest resorts to blackmail shock. Oh, and it’s about gay equality, natch. They’re obsessed!”

  1. It isn’t blackmail. The Church do not believe in gay marriage; he does; ergo they don’t want him in the church. This is good news – the more the Church performs this sort of nonsense, the more it marginalises itself, and the more crazy they look to outsiders (AKA normal non-fairy-believing human beings).

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  2. It is very much blackmail, of the emotional kind. Religion despotism has a hold on these people. Unfortunately for these Catholic cunts in questions, the emotional blackmail hasn’t worked. And yep, agree Hils… the more they show themselves to be archaic, manipulative morons, the bigger the grave they dig for themselves.
    However…. the bigger problem is that for every enlightened person who rejects the hatefulness of religion, there are another two brought under their evil spell (be it those bizarre puritanical types in the square States, or those uneducated, vulnerable types in Africa. Which is why the Catholic Church is putting so much effort into Africa… get the stupid people. Education is, and always was, the biggest threat to the Catholic Church.)

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