Lisa Riley is a ‘gay man trapped in a woman’s body’. Just the one?


Lisa ‘Chunks’ Riley, star potato on Her Majesty’s Strictly Come Dancing, has always been like that with the gays.

‘Gays love me’ she said ages ago, in a magazine, called something or other. ‘If I wasn’t permanently attached to a Sherbet Dip Dab, I’d probably be one.’

And now, in an interview with London’s glittering Gay Times, her dancing partner on Strictly Come On Our Tits, Robin ‘Eyebrows’ Windsor – seen above in his most masculine role to date – has confirmed what we always suspected.

‘She’s huge. Like, really huge.’

Oh, wait, sorry. That quote was palpably for a much thinner woman.

‘I think there is a gay man inside of Lisa just screaming to get out. She’s camp, she’s fun, she loves her musical theatre.’

Honey, stick a bottle of poppers up her nose and it’s happy hour down The Blue Oyster Bar…

Talking of shapes, that one off-of Tracy Beaker reminds us of a young Jelly Bean.

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Lisa Riley is a 'gay man trapped in a woman's body'. Just the one?, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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