Louis Smith: ‘I have a bigger penis than Tom Daley’. We’ll be the judge of that.


Okay, we paraphrase. Louis Smith – gymnast, humourless, Strictly Come Dancing dolly – says that he has a ‘bigger package’ than Tom Daley. Package? What is this, John Craven’s Newsround?

He said this in More magazine, the photo from which is up there. Missed a trick not getting in some VPL whilst they had the bull by the balls, so to speak… and they wonder why weeklies are suffering.

After the break you’ll find the fruits of hours of picture research. By which we mean minutes. By which we mean minute.



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Louis Smith: 'I have a bigger penis than Tom Daley'. We'll be the judge of that., 5.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings


  1. Someone is looking for attention…

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  2. who cares .he is ashow off he isnt good at danciing either

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  3. They’re both Ultimate men in our book! ;) Thumbs up to team GB! http://www.twitter.com/ultimaterange

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